The mineral springs of Montegrimano Terme were already known in the Roman age; essentially, collection basins and other building structures of Roman background were discovered near the thermal zone in various eras.
Confirmation of the beneficial properties of the waters have been mentioned on numerous occasions in important works from the previous centuries: they were reported by the chemist Andrea Bacci, archiater of the Papal household, in his "De Thermis del ‘500", by the medical scientist Mengho Bianchelli in his 17th century "De Balneis", by the humanist Giovanni Hercolani in one of his famous epigrams, until the most recent regarding the mineral waters of Italy in 1923 prepared by Professors Vinci and Finali.
Montegrimano was already famous and coveted for its springs in the 16th century.
From 1900 onwards, the year in which the first Montegrimano "stagione idroterapica" was opened, numerous analyses were performed on these waters, all proving their special health-promoting qualities.